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Rating : 5 Pet Vet Houston - Five Star Reviews By Anonymous

Always great service, love the staff and the doc...are wonderful, they even remember the name of your pet lovers which is very important for me .

I'm just simple grateful that I found this Vet Clinic.
Pet Vet Houston
When you have to leave on a business trip, or that much-anticipated family vacation is approaching fast, you are probably concerned about your dog or cat. Who can you trust to care for him while you are away? Who will make sure he is safe and happy and well?

Meyerland Animal Clinic will provide a safe, clean, doctor-supervised environment so that your pet is cared for while you are away.

Consider these benefits of Meyerland Animal Clinic for boarding dogs and cats:
  • Spacious, secure cages and runs for dogs.
  • Dogs are walked several times daily and have access to a large outdoor exercise yard at least twice a day. Active dogs get extra activity, such as ball play.
  • Roomy cat condominiums, some with a window view.
  • Boarding facility is staffed with well-trained assistants and veterinary technicians.
  • Pets receive individual attention – we pet them, play with each one, and talk to them by name. We learn their normal habits so it will become immediately obvious if they become ill, or they are not eating appropriately.
  • We feed premium pet foods, or bring your pet's regular food and we'll feed it according to your usual schedule.
  • Our trained veterinary technicians administer necessary medications and provide extra observation for pets with health problems, alerting the doctor if a situation arises. We notify owners immediately with status updates when warranted.
  • We'll brush your dog's teeth daily, if requested.
  • Veterinary doctors are right here in case of an emergency.
  • We'll bath your pet so they look and smell terrific before returning home, if requested.
At Meyerland pet boarding, we are committed to doing whatever it takes to make your pet comfortable, in a clean, happy environment. As pet experts, we know just how to do that, so most animals settle in very quickly. They like the temporary change – like being at day camp. But your pet is an individual, and we are very patient with those who are slower to acclimate, giving extra attention and special treats.

Competent, compassionate pet care lets you focus on your work and enjoy travel with your family. Trust Meyerland Animal Clinic to care for your pet as if they were one of our own.

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