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I have been going to Dr. Werner for the past 35 years and cannot begin to praise her, the staff at Meyerland and everything connected to them. I have a Bull Terrier that has had every conceivable problem you can imagine. Dr. Werner, Dr. Vining and the entire staff have always been there for Shiva and me. Dr. Werner is amazing in her ability to diagnose a problem and come up with an answer. I have had many animals over the years and cannot imagine going anywhere else. I am an animal lover and with the exception of my family my animals are

the most important thing in the world. I would recommend Meyerland Animal Clinic to anyone. They are never too busy to help you and always compassionate.
Routine care for your pet's wellness
Pet Care Houston
Just as you visit your family physician or dentist for regular check-ups and preventative care, your pet has needs that he or she cannot communicate with you. For this very reason, these very special members of your family should come by and see us regularly.

Our animal friends age at a more rapid pace than their human companions do. Once your pet has reached adulthood, each year of his or her life is equal to about four of yours. Because life moves faster for pets, yearly exams become highly important, even if all seems well. Pets are not like people, and they do not want their companions to see them suffer. Consequently, there are primarily two ways to notice your pet is experiencing poor health - through an annual examination, or through symptoms, which may not occur until your pet has a real health problem. An annual exam will enable your pet to enjoy good health, and saves you money by catching potential problems early.

Part of ensuring your pet enjoys ample life in his or her years is to provide preventative medications when necessary. This may include flea prevention, vaccinations, and heartworm preventative medication. During an annual examination, we check for heartworm due to the fact that this disease is quite prevalent, but treatable when detected and treated early. We also regularly check for any sign of intestinal parasites, as this type of infestation may spread to human family members.

In addition to evaluating your pet's bodily health, we also assess the health of teeth and gums, especially for the presence of gum disease. Managing dental health is far more convenient and affordable when it is handled during regular veterinary visits than when a problem has been discovered. Should your pet develop periodontal disease, not only will his or her breath show signs, but it is quite likely that severe pain will also be experienced, something your pet cannot alert you to.

We bring pets into our homes because they provide us with unwavering companionship, protection, and great entertainment. To give your pet the best life possible, include regular visits to our local veterinary practice to ensure he or she always feels their best. Contact us to schedule your next visit.

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