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Advanced Surgery & Diagnostics

Though much of the care provided at Meyerland Animal clinic is routine in nature, we do not approach surgical procedures as anything less than extremely serious. Due to the fact that we are anesthetizing and operating on your smallest family members, we are careful to proceed carefully, and we are fully prepared with team members that include at least one highly trained anesthetist when performing surgery of any kind.

In a good number of surgical procedures, we utilize an IV catheter, and deliver IV fluids continually throughout a procedure to make sure your pet stays adequately hydrated, encouraging that all vital organs, such as the kidneys and the brain, get the blood perfusion needed. Through the IV catheter, our team maintains access to the bloodstream in the event of an unforeseen complication.

In addition to closely monitoring vital signs and hydration during surgeries, we also ensure that our patient does not lose body heat and experience hypothermia, a side effect of receiving anesthesia. We accomplish this with a specially designed heating tool made to accommodate the needs of your pet. Patients’ cardiac activity is also monitored through specialized equipment, displaying pulse rate, blood pressure, rate of breathing, level of oxygen in the blood, temperature, and the amount of carbon dioxide in the system.

In addition to most soft tissue procedures, our highly trained doctors also perform:

  • spays and neuters
  • removal of foreign body
  • removal of tumor
  • splenectomy
  • dental extractions
  • skin grafts
  • intestinal resections
  • abscess removal
  • perineal urethrostomy

In the event your pet requires a specialized procedure, we will make a recommendation to the most suitable board certified specialist to ensure your pet receives the highest level of care.

Diagnostic testing may also be necessary at some point in your pet’s life. Some of the diagnostics available at Meyerland Animal Clinic include:

Beagle at the veterinarian

  • Blood Pressure equipment
  • Tonometry, to assess for glaucoma
  • Ultrasound technology, which gives us a view of the heart and abdomen
  • Endoscopy, for non-invasive visualization of the intestinal tract and stomach
  • Video otoscope that allows both doctor and pet owner to visualize the inner ear together
  • Specialized x-ray and ultrasound for dental assessments
  • Digital x-ray technology to minimize radiation exposure
  • On-site equipment for the completion of blood profiles and other critical blood tests
  • Testing kits for both feline and canine diseases, such as feline leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, heartworm infection, and pancreatitis
  • Monitors for blood glucose levels
  • Blood centrifuges for the assessment of anemia
  • Urinalysis equipment for the assessment of the kidneys
  • Centrifuge equipment for fecal testing, spotting intestinal infections
  • Ability to perform culture on both bodily fluids as well as urine, determining the presence of infection and the best course of treatment.
  • Cold laser machine, for the treatment of pain, wounds, skin infections, and arthritis.

It is through the technology assembled in our clinic that we can recognize problems in their earliest stages, when they are most treatable. When your pet visits our clinic for his or her annual check-up, we may recommend certain tests as a part of routine care, so that health and longevity are ensured.

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Dr. Moss at Meyerland Animal Clinic is fantastic. He has been taking care of our two Siberian huskies and our cat ever since we moved back to Houston 6 years ago. He is extremely knowledgeable, has a very gentle and patient manner with animals, and obviously cares about his patients. Unlike other vets with whom I have interacted in the past, he never suggests unnecessary procedures to pad the bill. Unfortunately, our elderly cat has complicated medical issues, but we have complete trust in Dr. Moss’s ability to handle them. The support staff at the clinic is also very good. We will definitely continue to take our pets to Dr. Moss for all of their needs.

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