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Urinary Infection in Cats Houston

Ginger kitten

Feline Urinary Marking Urine spraying is considered typical in sexually intact cats, but approximately 10% of neutered males and 5% of spayed females will also spray. Inappropriate urination is the number one behavior problem recognized in cats. When your cat is seen with inappropriate urination, it first must be established whether this is indeed from marking behavior or inappropriate toileting behavior. Some cats with inappropriate toileting have bladder or kidney disease. Others have learned to avoid their litter box or its location, or they have developed a preference for a non-litter material or location. It is possible that a cat … Continue reading


I was so impressed with the service and people!! I was just a walk in because I was very concerned about my dog after having a bad experience at SNAP animal clinic. (See review). The lady at the front desk was very nice and took all my info with no problem. Also, the other receptionist came over to my dog and gave her pets and treats. Which made my dog very happy. She loves attention and it made her feel comfortable. After check in, about 5 minutes, a tech came to get me and my dog. He was very nice and seemed like he really cared about the client. He finished taking my dog’s temperature and stated that it may take a while because the doctor’s have appointments, but someone will be with me as soon as they can. Not even 10 minutes went by and Dr. Robinowitz came in and did a thorough exam and made me feel very comfortable. They handled my dog very well and gave her treats so she would quit squirming. The vet explained everything and the visit was very short and thorough. Also, the cost was less than I expected. He did not even charge me the whole exam fee. So, of course, I was very happy with that. The whole visit including check in and check out was about 40 minutes. Such a great experience. I will definitely be using them for now on!

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