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Dog Health

Animals are incredible members of the family, who rely solely on their human companions for every need, both emotional and physical. Keeping your dog happy and healthy through all the years of his or her life is possible with a commitment to care that includes simple practices that are easy to maintain.

Anytime a new puppy is added to the family, it is very important that he or she come in for a thorough physical examination to ensure proper health. Beginning care at this young age, your skilled vet is able to provide you with useful information regarding housetraining your pet, and providing the best possible nutrition. Preventative care also begins early, with elements such as flea and heartworm prevention, and parasite treatment when applicable.

In this part of the country, parasites are a real concern, as a single mosquito bite can result in infection in your pet. Through regular examinations, your pet is checked for possible infection, to include intestinal parasites, and treated with preventative medication to protect his or her health should exposure occur.

Initially, your puppy will require more care, with monthly visits for the first several months. Through this early investment, your puppy’s health is guarded against disease, and optimal physical development is encouraged. As dogs reach their senior years, we recommend frequent visits to ensure they are happy and pain-free.

Dogs age at a rate much faster than we do. By the time they reach the age of two, their years are equivalent to 24 of ours. Thereafter, every year your dog lives is the equivalent to four of yours. It is because of their hastened aging process that regular examinations become so highly important, allowing us to catch any sign of disease in its earliest and most treatable stage. Professional care includes assessment of physical state, evaluation of weight and coat, nutritional guidance, and dental check-ups. This approach is better, not only for your pet’s well-being, but also for your budget.

Light Golden Retriever

An important part of your dog’s life is exercise, which allows him or her to release stress and anxiety through motion. Exercise also allows your dog to bond with you through play. Taking your dog for jogs or walks, or playing catch, or participating in some sort of agility training is stimulating for your dog, and provides a great outlet.

In addition to exercise, dogs have a great need to be with their owners. When dogs are left to themselves, it is likely that they will begin to develop behavioral issues and feel depressed. Keeping your dog healthy includes socialization with family members, as well as other dogs, which can be done through visits to the dog park, rides in the car, and behavioral training classes.

We think of creating a great life for your dog a team effort! Contact us to schedule your pet’s next visit.


This has to be one of the best vet clinics Ive been to and Ive lived all over the states, have fostered many dogs as well as have my own. Every staff member is super friendly , the vets ( ive had three different ones there now) are very knowledgeable and they take time to answer every question and give you great information. They dont ever rush you and actually care about my pup. The place is super clean , the prices are good and they dont sneak in litlle fees as some other places do. I definitely recommend this vet clinic to anyone even if its a bit of a drive for them – very worth it !

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