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Find the Right Veterinarian for Your Pet in Houston, Texas

Persian cat with veterinarian doctor

We know your pet is a special member of your family that you want to keep healthy and happy for years to come. That’s why you need a veterinarian with the skill and compassion to make sure your pet will live the best life possible. At Meyerland Animal Clinic, you can be sure that our team will provide the highest standard of veterinary medical and surgical care in a gentle, friendly environment.

The veterinarians, technicians, kennel care assistants, and receptionists in our clinic pride themselves on treating you and your pet with the same care and concern that we would show our own animal friends. Whether you are seeking care for a new pet or transferring from another area, Meyerland Animal Clinic is devoted to the whole health of your family member, providing the following services in a professional and efficient setting:

  • Physical exams of your pet with your veterinarian and technician present
  • Emergency care
  • Vaccinations, heartworm testing and fecal testing
  • Preventative medications for heartworms, fleas, and ticks
  • Spay and neuter procedures
  • Diagnostic testing such as digital X-rays, urinalyses and ultrasound
  • Tumor removals
  • Dental care, including cleaning, polishing, extractions and digital xrays of all teeth
  • Surgical removal of foreign objects, including intestinal resection, gastrotomy and enterotomies
  • Abscess treatment
  • Splenectomy and other abdominal procedures
  • Multi-modal pain management individually planned for your pet
  • Cold laser treatments for pain, wounds, arthritis, and skin infections
  • In-clinic complete CBC and chemistry testing, pancreatitis tests, leukemia and FIV tests
  • Behavioral assistance in helping your pet
  • Intensive medical care as needed for ill pets, including intravenous fluids, fluid pumps and close monitoring care during the day
  • And more!

We’re also proud to board your dog or cat during your next vacation or long weekend away from home. We know it can be difficult for pets to cope when their owners are away. You can rest assured knowing we will provide your loved one with the best care and comfort in our home-away-from-home, providing individual attention such as ensuring daily play time, brushing teeth and administering daily medicines. We can treat your pet for any anxiety issues they may have when they are away from home. We can even bathe your dog or cat so they look and smell wonderful for their return home.

Conveniently situated near South Post Oak Road on West Bellfort Street in Houston, Texas, Meyerland Animal Clinic is open six days a week. We even have evening appointments and Saturday hours to accommodate your busy schedule. We also accept emergencies anytime our clinic is open as well as week- day drop-offs so you can get to work while we take care of your furry friend.

If you’re ready to entrust the care of your pet with an exceptionally skilled and compassionate team, please call our clinic at 713-723-8612


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One of the advantages of obtaining veterinary care with you is you have shown you have a deep understanding of the bond between pet and owner. My relationship with my pet is important to you, I can feel that. You and your staff facilitate the bond I have with my pet by providing the kind of care that best suits my family, with care and consistency, professionalism and effective operating practices between your clinic staff.

Whether my needs are general, or more urgent in nature, you have been right there to meet our needs.

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