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Meet Dr. Karen Werner

Dr. Karen Werner

Dr. Karen Werner is a 1980 graduate of the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine. She moved down to Houston immediately after graduation in order to join her husband Dr. Steven Petak who was doing his medical residency here, and has been at Meyerland Animal Clinic these last 33 years. Karen became half-owner of the clinic in 1982 and has been working hard ever since to maintain the clinic as one of the premier animal practices in the city.

Karen’s special interests include dermatology, cardiology, dentistry, GI diseases and she has a particular affinity in dealing with feline behavioral problems, like inappropriate elimination disorders. Karen also enjoys wound management and plastic surgical repairs where skin needs to be moved around in order to cover large open wounds. She has studied with one if the local radiologists in order to become proficient in ultrasound diagnosis of cats and dogs.

Dr .Werner and Dr. Petak are the proud parents to two children, Kate, an engineer in Portland, Oregon and Alex, a lawyer in Austin.

Karen has a pug and four cats but would like to have more than that! Karen enjoys working on the clinic Facebook page with Dr. Teller. She also enjoys striving to make Meyerland Animal Clinic the best staffed and advanced clinic it can be, while keeping its atmosphere more like a family- friendly type environment.

You can always reach Dr. Werner at

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Meyerland has always had our pets best interest at heart. They go beyond and above to ensure things are explained in human terms and really have a wonderful staff. We used to live in Houston and when we moved to Sugar Land it became a drive, but was not a problem as we are always comforted that our “CHILDREN” are in good hands. They have been very comforting and supportive

over the many years and helpful when decisions or times may not have the best outcomes. We are so lucky to have such doctors and staff available. Kudos and thanks to everyone

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