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Meet Dr. Vining

Dr. Vining

Dr. Vining is a 1976 graduate of the Texas A & M School of Veterinary Medicine. He is a native Houstonian. He has practiced his entire career at Meyerland Animal Clinic. Early on, he fell in love with Labrador Retrievers and now has four – one male and three females. These are his 9th thru 12th Labradors. Two sweet cats live with the dogs.

In addition to veterinary medicine Dr. Vining has many other interests including art, antiques, and gemstones. When not playing with his dogs or working, he can usually be found riding country roads on his bicycle with his partner of 20 years.

» Favorite dog – Labrador Retriever
» Favorite place – Texas
» Favorite place to travel – Italy
» Favorite people – clients and employees of Meyerland Animal Clinic

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Meyerland Animal Clinic is the BEST!

Dr. Moss has been seeing our dogs for over 10 years, he is simply awesome! He diagnoses the issues quickly and precisely every time, and our dogs love seeing him.

Our American Eskimo needed an emergency surgery to get rid of some foreign objects he swallowed one time, Dr. Moss updated us as soon as he’s done with the operation and his staff took exceptional care of our dog after the surgery…our Eskimo is extremely difficult to deal with when he’s not well.

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