Pet Surgery & Diagnostic Treatment

Advanced Surgery & Diagnostics

Our veterinarians are experienced in various types of surgeries and procedures. Whether it be advanced dentistry, soft tissue surgery, laser technology, orthopedic surgical services, or any other advanced veterinary procedures, our team is dedicated to serving our patients effectively.

Our primary goal is to provide patients with the most compassionate care possible so that they can get back to their healthy and happy lives. When your pet comes into our facility for surgery or for an advanced procedure, we aim to keep the environment as stress-free as possible. Our team abides by the highest surgical standards for safety and quality of care. Surgery can be scary for some pet owners, so we do everything we can to help our clients feel comfortable while their pet is in our care. When you come in for your pet’s procedure, we will answer any questions you may have and share all the information with you.

We perform preoperative exams and diagnostic testing on every patient to asess any level of risk before the procedure. This will give us a clear picture of organ function, blood irregularities, or potential issues that may arise during the surgery. Before the procedure, our veterinarians will go over your pet’s health history with you, information about their lifestyle, pre-existing conditions, age, and breed. These factors will affect your pet’s anesthesia protocol and it will help us properly asses your pet before treatment. Call our office to learn more about your pet’s surgery or schedule a meeting with our veterinarians to talk over the procedure.


Radiographs, or x-rays, are a common tool used to help diagnose potential issues your pet may be experiencing. This allows your veterinarian to see your pet’s organs and bones to visualize any internal issues. Our office uses this technology to examine your pet’s abdomen, oral cavity, lungs, and heart. This is essential to properly caring for your pet and providing them with the most thorough care possible. If your pet has a bone fracture, or if they have swallowed a foreign object, an x-ray will be able to provide the necessary information to your veterinarian.

  • Immediate images
  • Clear, concise visualization
  • Less time to process
  • Quicker diagnosis
  • Reduces risk of radiation exposure
  • Can easily be shared by email

Diagnostic testing is an important part of caring for your pet. This process allows our veterinarians to prevent serious issues from arising early on and treating any conditions as quickly as possible. Meyerland Animal Clinic is dedicated to providing exceptional veterinary care to all the animals in our community. Call our office today to schedule your pet’s annual check-up and ask about diagnostic testing.