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  • S
    Sharon R.

    I am soooo happy with this place. They got my Westie better after two other vets totally missed the right answer. I had to drive a long way to see them, but my breeder recommended trying to see their doctors. After just one more test, Dr. Werner figured out that she had some gland problem and would need a shot once a month for the rest of her life. Sure enough, she has been great ever since!! I will never forget that she took the time to figure out this problem. Now I have my sweet little girl back again!This clinic deserves a five star review. The price is reasonable and we cannot be more satisfied with their services. We are not even charged for a progress check. Too sad that our dog has a terminal illness that they cannot cure him. But they have done whatever they can to keep him as comfortable as possible during his last days. Dr. White is a very kind person. Highly recommended.

  • T
    Tom S.

    The care and compassion given by all the folks here, for not only the pet but the owner as well is the hallmark of this clinic. We gladly recommend this clinic to all our pet owner friends and each of them is most grateful and now they recommend the clinic as well. When you stop in, be sure and ask to see the owner and administrator of the clinic, Freddie the Cat!!!

  • K
    Kristann S.

    I was visiting a friend in Houston when my retriever Annika became listless and would not move to eat or drink. The Meyerland Animal clinic is absolutely amazing! The staff and Dr. Moss are extremely compassionate and caring towards patients and owners. I was so impressed and glad to have my dog all fixed up in no time. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone!

  • K
    Kim A.

    Myerland has always had our pets best interest at heart. They go beyond and above to ensure things are explained in human terms and really have a wonderful staff. We used to live in Houston and when we moved to Sugar Land it became a drive, but was not a problem as we are always comforted that our “CHILDREN” are good hands. They have been very comforting and supportive over the many years and helpful when decisons or times may not have the best outcomes. We are so lucky to have such doctors and staff avaliable. Kuddos and thanks to everyone

  • Linda H.

    Meyerland Animal Clinic ROCKS!!! I have been taking all my critters there since about 1999, and I have never been more pleased and comfortable with any clinic anywhere. The staff is caring, knowledgeable and compassionate. Dr. Vining is the best vet I have ever dealt with – the kind that “knows” what is going on with your pet and will do whatever is necessary to help you and your pet feel better forever. Another great thing is that, if he is not available, I can see any of the other vets without worry. Thank you Meyerland from Jazi, Joe, Frotz, and Pheebe!

  • S
    Sally A.

    I have been very pleased with the time devoted to my questions and concerns each time I visit this clinic. All doctors are sympathetic to the issues I raise, and give me the details I desire regarding my pet’s care.

  • M
    Martha Y.

    I brought my new dog Mozart to this clinic in 1995. The care and compassion she received from the extremely knowledgeable vets, technicians and staff was the simply the best. Dr. Moss helped me when it was time for Mozie to move on. He now treats my dog Honey Bunny and my cat Kalani. When he’s not available, I am totally comfortable taking them to the other excellent vets at the clinic.

    Bottom line: They all love and offer the best care for my babies. I would not take my pets anywhere else.

  • B
    Barbara A.

    I have been going to Dr. Werner for the past 35 years and can not begin to praise her, the staff at Meyerland and everything connected to them. I have a Bull Terrier that has had every conceivable problem you can imagine. Dr. Werner, Dr. Vining and the entire staff have always been there for Shiva and I. Dr. Werner is amazing in her ability to diagnose a problem and come up with an answer. I have had many animals over the years and can not imagine going anywhere else. I am an animal lover and with the exception of my family my animals are the most important thing in the world. I would recommend Meyerland Animal Clinic to anyone. They are never too busy to help you and always compassionate.

  • A

    Your clinic provides personal and continuity of care that you would hope for from a veterinary practice – no chopping and changing of vets and nurses and always a great understanding of your relationship with your pets and how much they mean to you.

    At the same time, the Animal Clinic staff are professional and efficient. From everyday general care, emergencies or just ordering medication and food, you have never let me or my pets down.

  • K
    Kim A.

    Meyerland has always had our pets best interest at heart. They go beyond and above to ensure things are explained in human terms and really have a wonderful staff. We used to live in Houston and when we moved to Sugar Land it became a drive, but was not a problem as we are always comforted that our “CHILDREN” are in good hands. They have been very comforting and supportive

    over the many years and helpful when decisions or times may not have the best outcomes. We are so lucky to have such doctors and staff available. Kudos and thanks to everyone

  • A

    I am a regular at MAC, with what is considered a zoo of 4 cats, 2 Papillons, and a foster Pap every now and then. I have been using this vet office since 2000, and have had nothing but excellent care with anything from a simple bath fro my Paps to a cat with extreme GI and urinary problems that led to special surgery at the Gulf Coast Vet Hospital where Mr. Kitty turned into “Ms. Thang” … when I

    ultimately had to put him to sleep, the entire staff could not have been more thoughtful if he had been their own. I don’t hesitate about recommending them to anyone!

  • A

    I can not say enough good things about this clinic. Our dog was very ill and we had not received much help at another vet. When we went to Meyerland, they diagnosed and hospitalized our dog and slowly pulled him back to health. Their knowledge and commitment were outstanding.

  • A

    Always great service, love the staff and the doc…are wonderful, they even remember the name of your pet lovers which is very important for me .

    I’m just simple grateful that I found this Vet Clinic.

  • A

    One of the advantages of obtaining veterinary care with you is you have shown you have a deep understanding of the bond between pet and owner. My relationship with my pet is important to you, I can feel that. You and your staff facilitate the bond I have with my pet by providing the kind of care that best suits my family, with care and consistency, professionalism and effective operating practices between your clinic staff.

    Whether my needs are general, or more urgent in nature, you have been right there to meet our needs.

  • A
    Anna W.

    Meyerland Animal Clinic is the BEST!

    Dr. Moss has been seeing our dogs for over 10 years, he is simply awesome! He diagnoses the issues quickly and precisely every time, and our dogs love seeing him.

    Our American Eskimo needed an emergency surgery to get rid of some foreign objects he swallowed one time, Dr. Moss updated us as soon as he’s done with the operation and his staff took exceptional care of our dog after the surgery…our Eskimo is extremely difficult to deal with when he’s not well.

  • A
    Andrew H.

    Everyone here is very helpful, informative and caring. They clearly care about the pets brought in for treatment and love working with the animals and their owners. No question is too basic. Great facilities and they work hard to respect pet owner’s wishes.

  • S
    Siberian H.

    Dr. Moss at Meyerland Animal Clinic is fantastic. He has been taking care of our two Siberian huskies and our cat ever since we moved back to Houston 6 years ago. He is extremely knowledgeable, has a very gentle and patient manner with animals, and obviously cares about his patients. Unlike other vets with whom I have interacted in the past, he never suggests unnecessary procedures to pad the bill. Unfortunately, our elderly cat has complicated medical issues, but we have complete trust in Dr. Moss’s ability to handle them. The support staff at the clinic is also very good. We will definitely continue to take our pets to Dr. Moss for all of their needs.

  • D
    Desiree M.

    I was so impressed with the service and people!! I was just a walk in because I was very concerned about my dog after having a bad experience at SNAP animal clinic. (See review). The lady at the front desk was very nice and took all my info with no problem. Also, the other receptionist came over to my dog and gave her pets and treats. Which made my dog very happy. She loves attention and it made her feel comfortable. After check in, about 5 minutes, a tech came to get me and my dog. He was very nice and seemed like he really cared about the client. He finished taking my dog’s temperature and stated that it may take a while because the doctor’s have appointments, but someone will be with me as soon as they can. Not even 10 minutes went by and Dr. Robinowitz came in and did a thorough exam and made me feel very comfortable. They handled my dog very well and gave her treats so she would quit squirming. The vet explained everything and the visit was very short and thorough. Also, the cost was less than I expected. He did not even charge me the whole exam fee. So, of course, I was very happy with that. The whole visit including check in and check out was about 40 minutes. Such a great experience. I will definitely be using them for now on!

  • J
    Jullianna A.

    I brought my 2yr. old Maltese here that I purchased from someone on Craigslist and they were very helpful, super nice and very accommodating! A few weeks later we had to put our 18yr old Lhasa Apso to sleep. Although, he was not a patient here they gladly took very good care of us. My mom called around to several other hospitals and they were the cheapest. The girls at the front, the doctor who administered the final injection and the nurse were absolutely caring and compassionate and it really shows they care about their job and what they do. We put our dog to sleep on Monday and they called us on Thursday to pick up his remains. His remains came in a nice wooden sealed box with his name engraved, a certificate of cremation, and a condolence card. From MAC we recieved a condolence card in the mail signed by the entire staff…truly a clinic that cares about their patients even though our dog was only their patient for that day.

  • S
    Sweetkiks R.

    I’ve been bringing my pup here since 2002 (this place is legacy in my family – my grandparents used to bring their animals here too). It is always a pleasant experience – it has that old school, small town customer service feel. The place is not super fancy / high tech but the staff and vets are great. I’ve used Dr. Moss & Dr. Teller and they are both GREAT!! They are finally becoming a little more high tech as they’ve been a little behind the times (ie computers etc.) but they are good people and truly care about your furry animals.

  • V
    Veronica H.

    Meyerland Animal Clinic has THE BEST customer service around and you couldn’t ask for a better team of vets! All of my pets (even the ones I adopted from MAC) love going there!

  • A
    Alexander P.

    The people here are really passionate about what they do and it shows in their work. They don’t recommend unnecessary services and they always remember me and greet me and my dog with a smile.

  • A
    Alexander P.

    I have been bringing by 4 cats and 2 dogs here for 10 years now, and I have found no reason to go anywhere else. The staff is always really friendly and they remember me and my little guys when we walk in.

    Their prices are fair, and I have never found them trying to sell me something i didn’t need.

  • M
    Melinda G.

    This place has great vets and staff! My dogs are like my babies and I want to make sure they are getting the best care. I have been to one other vet here (down in Pearland) and they were terrible. When I moved out of Pearland and back into the city, I was really nervous about finding a new vet but decided this place had decent reviews and it was conveniently located for me. I am so glad I choose this place for my dogs. The vets really care and are very social and engaging with your pet. Dr. White is my favorite! The vet techs are all so kind and very knowledgeable too.

    One time I was their last appointment for the day to get my dog’s stitches removed. It turned out it be a little more complicated than we all expected to remove the stitches, but they finally got them out and everyone willing to stay a little late to make sure my dog was comfortable and ok. I really appreciated everyone being so kind because I felt bad it was so late.

    This place will take good care of your pet.

  • H
    H G.

    This has to be one of the best vet clinics Ive been to and Ive lived all over the states, have fostered many dogs as well as have my own. Every staff member is super friendly , the vets ( ive had three different ones there now) are very knowledgeable and they take time to answer every question and give you great information. They dont ever rush you and actually care about my pup. The place is super clean , the prices are good and they dont sneak in litlle fees as some other places do. I definitely recommend this vet clinic to anyone even if its a bit of a drive for them – very worth it !

  • Lenny W.

    Really convenient location in my new neighborhood. Late hours, kind staff, caring and thoughtful doctors. Learned about them via the radio show Houston Matters. One of their doctors gives advice on a weekly show. She was really impressive and I want the best for my pup!

  • M
    Malloree B.

    I feel lucky to have found Meyerland Animal Clinic so quickly after moving to Houston! Dr. White has taken excellent care of my two cats. She is always so professional, thorough, and never in a rush. Recently, she wasn’t available, and Dr. Rabinowitz saw my cat. He was equally thorough and professional. The front desk staff and vet techs are always really helpful as well!

  • H
    Houston R.

    Dr. Teller is super sweet with my dog and explains everything in detail. We have been coming here for 3 years.

    Front desk staff is warm and inviting.

    They answer all of my questions thoroughly. A little pricey for an office visit, but I want the best for my pup.

  • J
    Julie K.

    Great service and very caring with my dog! I went today for a nail trimming and my dog got away from me and out of his leash! I was also struggling with a toddler. Next thing I new the entire office staff was out helping me. They got Baxter, trimmed his nails and sent us on our way. And they treated me to no charge today… I guess they saw my struggle! Love this place !

  • S
    Shunna K.

    My cat, Neo has been sick for a few days and couldn’t keep anything down. I brought him here today to get checked out (no appointment). Everyone was so nice. Dr. Vining gave him a subQ for dehydration and a shot for vomiting. At first, I was concerned about the bill, but it was reasonable. Also, I am thankful that he tried this first instead of running a whole lot of tests on my baby. Neo was too!!

  • K
    Km G.

    This has been our clinic for over 13 years(my husband -mine for 6). Excellent staff who have always taken the extra time to be thorough with us as well as our 4 legged children. They are all very pro active and knowledgeable yet have never pushed sales of anything as other have mentioned in their reviews. The same techs and front desk are there year after year . Dr Moss is primarily who we have always been with and recently Dr. White I would feel comfortable secure with anyone at this clinic. Standards are high and the expense is quite reasonable for knowing your pet is going to live their full life.

  • G
    George B.

    We have been well served for the last ten years by the staff and veterinarians of Meyerland Animal Clinic. Today, we had to put our pet to sleep, and Dr. Rabinowitz and the staff at the pet clinic were so very compassionate and kind.

    Our family will continue to use Meyerland Animal Clinic for our pet care, and we will strongly recommend them to anyone with pet health needs.

  • d
    duke T.

    Best in Houston

    Best service and care we have ever experienced at a veterinarian

  • C

    Great Vet in a Big City

    I really recommend this Vet. They were polite, caring, and very professional. I took my new doggie there that I got from the pound and she had a few medical problems. The Vet (Dr. Bryant) diagnosed the problems easily and recommended a couple other things that made sense anyway. I never felt like I was being manipulated into any unnecessary treatments or additional costs. They have 6 Vets on staff so it is very easy to get an appointment and emergency hours as well. And Im saving the best for last: The price was EXTREMELY affordable!!

  • B

    High quality, courteous service

    We started using this vet after moving to the area and adopting a feral cat. They really care about what they do and the entire staff is always courteous, no matter how full the waiting room is. I have probably dealt with 5 different Vets there and they were all great. Prices are not the cheapest in the city, but they are reasonable. If you express concern about cost they do their best to accommodate you.

    Highly recommended for anyone living near the Meyerland area.

  • D

    best veterinarians ever!

    I have been taking my dogs and cats to Meyerland Animal Clinic for 20 years, and they’ve always taken such great care of them. When I had to put my 13 year old dog to sleep this week, the vet and the staff cried as much as I did. They were terrific throughout his long bout with cancer, and they always were happy to see him when he visited. He received extra-special care when he boarded, and they made us feel welcome whenever we came in.

  • R
    Rosen S.

    Finally fixed my dog!

    Finally I found a place that could figure out what was wrong with my dog. I had been to two other vets already and no one could fix my poor little Westie. FInally After talking to my breeder I was told to go to Meyerland. It was a long drive but boy was it worthwhile to go. After just a little more testing, the doctor told me where the other vets had gone wrong and she fixed little Annie! Now she gets a shot every month and she is totally back to normal. I will tell all my friends about this great place!!

  • R

    Absolutely wonderful vets

    We have used Meyerland Animal clinic for so many years. My pets have seen many of their vets and every one has been attentive, professional and caring. They always take time to explain what is happening and draw pictures for assistance. We recently had our precious dachshund at the vet for a very serious illness and she was close to death. Dr. Inman, Dr. Werner and Dr. Vining all spent some time with us at different moments. They each gave tender assessments of bad news with full explanations. The present end of the story is that our sweet Emma turned the corner and celebrated her 15 birthday with us.

    There are many vets that are closer to where we live, but the care and concern and relationship we have with Meyerland is well worth the drive. We also want to mention that when there was a costly test or procedure that was possible, they included us in the decision without forcing expensive items to our surprise. They offered written estimates of total cost of treatment. When Emma had to be hospitalized they encouraged us to visit her any time we liked. We did and it was good to spend that time with her especially thinking she was not going to survive. The entire staff was welcoming and spoke of her and what happened throughout the day, also encouraging us.

    Over the past 35 years there have been nothing but good experiences for me. I highly recommend them and know you will feel the warmth we always have.

  • X
    Xiang S.

    This clinic deserves a five star review. The price is reasonable and we cannot be more satisfied with their services. We are not even charged for a progress check. Too sad that our dog has a terminal illness that they cannot cure him. But they have done whatever they can to keep him as comfortable as possible during his last days. Dr. White is a very kind person. Highly recommended.

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