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Update on the dog flu in Texas

More cases have been reported in the Houston area. These dogs did not attend the dog shows in FL and GA where the outbreak started–in fact, they’ve never been out of town. But they had been to a dog-friendly restaurant where they came into contact with other dogs. PLEASE, if you are going to take your dog into environments where they will be around other dogs, make sure your dog is vaccinated! And if you will be traveling with your dog this summer, make sure your dog is vaccinated. The initial series of the flu vaccine is 2 injections given 2-4 weeks apart, then boosted annually. It is important to note that the flu vaccine, just like in humans, will not totally prevent the disease, but it will greatly lessen the symptoms and shorten the course of illness, and it could be the difference between hospitalization and home care for your beloved companion.

Canine Flu in Texas!

There has been a major outbreak of canine influenza in Florida, Georgia, both Carolinas, and TEXAS (Houston area). If your dog spends time at dog parks, kennels, or grooming facilities, make sure his or her H3N2 flu vaccine is up to date. Typical signs include lethargy, inappetence, fever, malaise, and respiratory signs. Death is rare, but does happen and has been reported in this latest outbreak. Make sure your canine companion is protected!


The care and compassion given by all the folks here, for not only the pet but the owner as well is the hallmark of this clinic. We gladly recommend this clinic to all our pet owner friends and each of them is most grateful and now they recommend the clinic as well. When you stop in, be sure and ask to see the owner and administrator of the clinic, Freddie the Cat!!!

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